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 I will be posting art stuff on FB and tumblr.
Not so much on DA because ToS is too salty.

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If interested, EMAIL ME at     ♥KISSKISS♥

Dark Chocolate
Sailor Ares by FrauleinCoriolis
waist-up: $30
fullbody: $40
add chara + $20

Sketchy Smoothie
Dovesary's Love by FrauleinCoriolis
waist-up: $20
fullbody: $30
add chara + $10

1. Pick a style
2. email ( what style you'd like, and other specifications such as what the character or subject looks like (image references equal hearts<3) and what their personality is, what you would like for the subject to be doing... etc.
3. Tell me how you'd like to pay: for PAYPAL, this is the email:
please keep in mind the paypal fees when you send payment. ; o ; 
4. Pay
5. I will begin your order ASAP, and you can ask me anytime how things are goin'.
my e-mail is:   it's the best way to contact me.
6. When the art is done, I will upload it on this account (unless you ask me not to. things can be arranged)
7.Happy Times!
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I have been working with :iconthechickenboy: on a comic: Chicken Boy. 
I'd love to hear what y'all have to say about it so far.
Do you like where it is headed? Needs more slime girls? Yeah, I know ♥

Chicken Boy Pg. 1 by TheChickenBoy

More pages will come, so feel free to watch :iconthechickenboy: !

And I have a tumblr where I dump my doodles and stuff:

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Oh my god. I am still doing this?! For people who don't remember (because I was a bad girl who never updated), MOARsauce features a teenage lad on a quest to get babes. With the help of a weird genie and his magical turtle,
Sauce finds himself in a new land, perfect for adventuring. Everyone knows babes love heroes.

Read the new pages starting at 61:
MOARsauce pg61 by FrauleinCoriolis

Or start over because who even knows what the heck is happening anymore???

MOARSAUCEpg1 by FrauleinCoriolis
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I've wanted to change it for so many years.
I used to be Kanninchenkandykane. /evenspelledkaninchenwrongdiesforgivemyyoungerselfplease

Hope y'all like the new name, too : >

In just a few days, we will be moving out of our host's basement and back into our house (we were displaced by Sandy).
We still have a lot of work to do, and it will be kind of like camping since we have no appliances as of yet, but at least it will be home!

Art: I haven't really made any big pieces, just many many doodle-type stuff that I have been uploading to my tumblr:
  • Mood: Zest
  • Reading: Midnight, Dean Koontz
  • Playing: Minecraft
  • Eating: Nutella
  • Drinking: Mango Passion Fruit Juice
Who are your favorite character couples?

TELL ME AND I MAY DRAW IT. Especially if it is all... SCANDALOUS♥
I want to draw all night, but I have to go to work in the morning.
Hopefully there will be some juicy comments when I get back...
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Phew! I finally put up the next five pages for my previously dead comic MOARsauce.

Might need to re-read it from the beginning to know what is going on (sorry about that)
Here's the first page:

MOARSAUCEpg1 by FrauleinCoriolis

Links to the next pages should be in the description of the present page.
Let me know if anything is missing♥ ENJOY!
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yes. it is true, i am new at deviant art, and so many people are better at me in not only drawing, but in making their profiles look cool(i cant even figure out how to put an icon thing up-it always says "not 50X50").
sad times.
but people like my comic thingy.
unfortunately, ive been experiencing technical difficulties, so... es tut mir aber leid, gomenosai, im sorry.
dont worry, once i figure things out, there will be lots of Naruto Lost Episodes!